Advocacy and Wellbeing Services available to Dayboro RSL Members

Dayboro RSL Subbranch is able to offer welfare and health assistance, support and mateship to members and their families. Welfare Assistance, Advocacy and Wellbeing Services comes in a variety of forms, including monetary payments and vouchers for bills, food, education and transport, housing assistance, emergency housing relief, funeral costs and even home and hospital visits.

Support for compensation related matters is also available through the Subbranch. This type of support will be provided by one of our ATDP Advocacy Training and Development Program accredited Advocates.

Please complete the “Contact a Dayboro RSL Advocate Form” form below to get in touch with our Subbranch Advocates. Otherwise, you can ring the Subbranch Secretary on 0487 316 732 for further assistance.

Contact a Dayboro RSL Advocate Form
Dayboro RSL has two experienced Advocates who have completed the ATDP Advocacy Training and Development Program. Complete this form to let them know that you would like to have a chat.